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We also carry hundreds of stock boxes in our warehouse, as well as a huge variety of tape, bubble foam, and other products.

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We are a locally owned and operated small business serving Denver to
Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding states.

Custom Foam

CIP provides polyurethane, polyethylene, and polyethylene for your custom packaging needs.

Custom Boxes

Think outside the box! Our Autobox is super-quick and easy to set up, so if you need just 1 box or 100.

Electronics Packaging

Computer and Electronics packaging is our specialty. In addition to cushioning, we stock electrostatic-protective foam and bags.

Packaging Supplies

We carry hundreds of standard stock boxes in our warehouse

This allows you to take advantage of just-in-time inventory management. Orders must be over $50 to Process. In addition, we offer an inventory stocking program.


Fedex and UPS Box Cushioning Inserts

Product fits into a standard Fed-ex or UPS shipper box and has a cavity in the bottom for a gel pack. The cavity is big enough for shipping temperature-sensitive materials.


We Offer

Packaging Supplies Provider

Stretch Film

We have a huge variety of Stretch Films in stock. Go to the tab above "Order Packaging Supplies" for a Quote today!


We offer roll-stock foam and bubble, as well as planks of polyethylene and urethane.


We stock a large variety of tape and adhesive products at wholesale pricing. Hot-Melt, Acrylic, Water Activated, and many more.


CIP carries a huge variety of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) ziplock and flat bags. All-virgin polyethylene film meets FDA and USDA requirements.


Our Online Catalogs

Please note products in our online catalog ships out of Chicago. Estimate 8-12
day lead time. Please call our local office to check Product availability.

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Online Catalogs

Order Packaging Supplies

We specialize in engineered solutions that provide maximum protection and the lowest possible cost.

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Online Catalogs

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Colorado Industrial Packaging is committed to helping your business achieve its highest level of success.

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Ready to get started?