MBS Mountain Boards in Colorado Springs

Mark Jenkins is owner of The Colony Group in Colorado Springs. Their primary business is Sports Promotion, but also high-tech off-road skateboards and other action sports. They recently bought a graphics system for number plates on motocross bikes, promotional displays, etc, and asked us if we could provide a surfboard shape out of 600BC Corrugate. They ordered about 30 of them for a winery promoting their products. We’ve discovered a market for doing these in relatively small quantities in 600BC, as wood displays are expensive, have high minimums, and lead times usually run about 8-12 weeks.

At Colorado Industrial we typically can turn these around in less than a week. We have a new CNC Sample Table, so we can set these up on our table and knock them out in a hurry. With the vinyl graphics, the 600BC board is rigid and able to take abuse, but is very lightweight and easy to work with.

We are exploring developing this market in partnership with The Colony Group. They have the art and creative skills, and we have the tooling. Between the two of us, we anticipate growing this niche market-space for small companies looking for a strong visual impact in an inexpensive package.

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